Orthodontics is the specialist branch of dentistry aimed at re-aligning and correcting the appearance of uneven teeth.  More often associated with young people, an increasing number of adults are now turning to orthodontic solutions to fix their smile.

Depending on the position of existing teeth we offer a number of solutions so we always start out with an initial consultation to examine your teeth and discuss all of the options including different types of braces, the cost and length of treatment.

In many cases teeth can be straightened using comfortable, removable aligners. You will receive a series of aligners which will be replaced every few weeks to pull teeth back into line which reduces crowding and closes gaps. The virtually invisible treatment can be completed in as little as 8-10 weeks.

Ready to smile?

Ready to smile?

Our practice has been built on a culture of patient care. The practice exists for you the patient and we will always do everything we can to meet all of your needs.

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