CEREC is an abbreviation of Ceramic Reconstruction. This state-of-the-art treatment involves 3D computer-aided design which enables procedures such as crowns, fillings and dental veneers to be completed in a single visit of around one hour duration.

Your tooth is examined in exactly the same way as if it was to be restored using traditional dentistry techniques. Following the examination your dentist will determine the best treatment and prepare the area for restoration.

With CEREC, instead of taking an impression of the area to send away to a dental laboratory, the dentist uses a special camera to take a 3D digital image of your tooth.

From this scan the shape of your restoration is determined to ensure the new section fits your tooth exactly. A small block of ceramic material of the appropriate colour and shade is then milled on our premises and fitted during the same visit using modern, specialist light-cured adhesives.

Our dentists are trained to a high level in this procedure so if you have any queries about this method of treatment your dentist will be happy to talk to you.

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Ready to smile?

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