Teeth Straightening near Cardiff

At Castle Court Dental Care, our Consultant Orthodontist, Dr Caryl Wilson-Nagrani, offers teeth straightening for both children and adults. She is registered with the General Dental Council as a Specialist Orthodontist and can provide advanced treatment for our patients in Dinas Powys and the Vale of Glamorgan.

What kind of brace can I have?

We can offer discreet brace options for patients of all ages, including fixed braces and Invisalign. Each option has different advantages, and many factors need to be considered before deciding which type of brace is best for you.

Discreet Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are the most common and sophisticated orthodontic treatment available at Castle Court Dental Care. Ceramic brackets are made in a tooth-coloured material, which are less conspicuous than stainless-steel brackets and offer a combination of excellent aesthetics and precision. If you’re interested in getting discreet fixed braces in Dinas Powys, book a consultation with our orthodontic specialist today.


Invisalign involves using a series of removable clear plastic appliances, which fit over the teeth and progressively move them to the desired position. Ideal for cases that require small tooth movements, Invisalign offers patients the option of improving their smile without wires and brackets. Find out if Invisalign is the solution for you with an orthodontic consultation at Castle Court Dental.

The price of teeth straightening starts from £1500 and is dependent on your individual case. We offer 0% finance options.

Simple straightening can sometimes be carried out as quickly as 6 months, particularly if it’s relatively minor tooth movement, or just alignment of the front teeth. However, a relatively short treatment like this usually produces limited changes. More complex treatment often takes between 1-2 years to get the teeth to bite in a better way, in harmony with the jaws and lips.

Once your brace is fitted, you will need to attend frequent and regular appointments (every 6-8 weeks) at Castle Court Dental Care so that we can monitor progress and adjust your brace.

At your initial consultation appointment, Dr Caryl Wilson-Nagrani will assess your teeth and jaws and take any necessary x-rays and photographs. She will discuss the different teeth-straightening options available with you and formulate your bespoke teeth-straightening treatment plan. You will receive a written report detailing the treatment plan and costs. If you are happy with the proposed plan, an appointment will be arranged to take impressions of your teeth and to place the braces.

Caring, compassionate and highly qualified.

Caring, compassionate and highly qualified.

We strive to develop great relationships in Dinas Powys, and aim to keep the whole community smiling with great oral health care.

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