Hygientist Services

Our highly experienced practice hygienists offer a teeth cleaning and polishing service and can advise you on the best methods and products to maintain the health of your mouth, providing information on preventative oral care such as teeth cleaning techniques, diet and lifestyle choices. Your dentist may suggest that you visit with the hygienist or you can book an appointment with them separately.

A priority for our hygienists is the prevention and treatment of gum disease. They are committed to providing patients with the knowledge and oral care techniques necessary to prevent the onset of gum disease and maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. Our hygienists can provide a deep clean of your teeth and gums, gently but effectively removing tartar from around your teeth and preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria. Once your teeth and gums are in good condition, our hygienists will work with you to develop a long-term oral health plan to maintain the life of your teeth.

Our hygienists are well practiced at working with children and skilled at putting them at ease. They can talk to your child about the best way to look after their teeth, getting them to start a good oral hygiene routine from an early age. They can also offer fissure sealant treatments – where a thin plastic layer is applied to your child’s back teeth, forming a barrier between the tooth and harmful bacteria – an effective way of preventing decay.

Ready to smile?

Ready to smile?

Our practice has been built on a culture of patient care. The practice exists for you the patient and we will always do everything we can to meet all of your needs.

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