Children’s Dentistry

At Llanishen Dental we offer a family-friendly service, creating a calm and welcoming environment for patients young and old. We think it is important for children to be comfortable visiting the dentist from an early age and we actively encourage parents to bring young children with them to their appointments so they can get used to dentist visits, build a relationship with the dentist and feel positive about the whole dental experience.

Our aim is to enable children to reach adulthood with healthy teeth. Our dentists and hygienists can offer dedicated services for children including guidance on oral hygiene, dietary advice and tooth brushing techniques. You are never too young to start taking care of your teeth and by encouraging children to develop a good oral care routine from early on, you can help minimise dental issues in the future.

We believe that prevention is better than cure, so your child could be offered fissure sealants on their back teeth – our hygienist will apply a thin, protective plastic layer which forms a barrier between the tooth and bacteria, preventing decay from getting into the small grooves of the teeth (fissures). Once applied, the sealant is an effective way of preventing tooth decay and should last for many years. Should your child require a filling, we will offer a tooth coloured version and carry out the treatment in a calm and relaxed environment, using the pain-free Wand technology.

Ready to smile?

Ready to smile?

Our practice has been built on a culture of patient care. The practice exists for you the patient and we will always do everything we can to meet all of your needs.

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