Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Over time prolonged use of the muscles in our face and common facial expressions such as smiling and frowning can leave wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes and deep furrows in the brow. Combined with sagging in the skin around the neck, this effect can make us look tired and older than our years.

For those looking for firmer younger-looking skin, less wrinkles and in order to prevent deeper lines forming, our highly trained and professionally certified dentists can offer Anti-wrinkle treatments.

If you choose this treatment, your dentist will lightly inject a serum into a few key areas of your skin, causing your facial muscles to relax. This subtle treatment should be relatively painless, with patients experiencing only a slight stinging sensation.

After treatment you should notice an improvement in your appearance almost immediately, with wrinkles becoming smoother or disappearing completely over 48 -72 hours and your skin continuing to firm over the next week or so. You should look healthier and revitalised, and the effects should last for four to six months until repeat treatment is required.


Ready to smile?

Ready to smile?

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